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If you want to build a successful online business building an email list is essential.

You may have heard the money is in the list, and this statement is certainly true.  Traffic comes and goes, a list is yours to keep, grow, and profit from.

I make it my personal goal to share with my newsletter subscribers the very best resources I know of.

My goal is to give as much value as possible to my subscribers for free and this way when I occasionally recommend a product for sale my list is very responsive.

Whatever your goal is online effective email marketing can help you achieve it by driving traffic with the click of a button!

List Building

Make sure your website has a highly visible opt-in form and a free gift for those who join.  When I first started out I just had a simple form, but no gift, and even thoughI had hundreds of daily visitors at the time I still had hardly anyone subscribe.

Once I offered a free .pdf with a 3d graphic in my forms the number of people who joined my list daily skyrocketed.

Making Sales

To make sales you will need products to sell.

You can sell your own products and earn 100% commission or you can sell someone else’s product and share the profit but save the many hours of work involved in product creation and.

If you want to refer products of others and earn an affiliate income the best affiliate network that I have found is Clickbank.

Effective Email Marketing begins with a solid email service provider or ESP.  Formerly I worked for the email review website The Email Guide and while there I became very familiar with a number of different Email Service Providers.

Below are my favorite ESP’s from my experience in the industry.


Auto-responders are especially powerful for setting up automatic emails that are sent a specific number of days after a new subscriber joins your list.

These are a great way to familiarize new leads with you and what you have to offer and in the process grow your business on autopilot.

Choosing An Email Service Provider

I Recommend Aweber

aweber-email-marketingThe email marketing solution I have been using for years is Aweber and I highly recommend them.

In the past I have worked with an email marketing service provider review company and after having tested several different ESP’s out I still believe that Aweber is the best for the majority of entrepreneurs to build their business online.

My favorite feature of Aweber is their form tool, which makes it easy to build a great looking email capture form, like the form you see in the right hand of this blog.

If you have an existing email list migrate it over to Aweber by having all of your contacts opt-in again.

Transferring contacts to Aweber will put a dent in your email list but this will be worth it in the long run since Aweber has one of the best deliver-ability ratings in the industry so more of your emails will end up in the inboxes of your subscribers.

Aweber makes advanced email marketing techniques like split testing emails, segmenting your list, and even setting up your email auto-responder a breeze and they now even offer a free 30 day trial.

Free Aweber Video Tutorials

A cool Internet Marketer named Eric Holmlund also loves Aweber, and has created several great videos showing exactly how to use different features of this powerful tool.

Here are some of his free tutorials:

Getting Subscribers to Read Your Email and Take Action

List Segmentation

Building a Relationship with Your List

List Building Strategies

Capturing Subscribers from “Non-Squeeze” Pages

Building a Squeeze Page

Introduction to List Building

50 Ways to Build Your Email List

Want to build your email list?

Check out this post out for 50 ways to get more leads.


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