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Yanik Silver is back at it again, and this time he is collaborating with the retired Internet Marketer Derek Gehl.

Derek Gehl is the retired CEO of the Internet Marketing Center, and seriously knows what he is talking about when it comes to Internet Marketing!

I have blogged about Yanik Silver before, he is an awesome Internet Marketing millionaire who has created several products and the underground online seminar.

This free training is some of the very best I have found, from two veterans who have both made millions online.  Check this free training out, and you will be very glad that you did!

This post is designed to be a study and resource guide based on the underground videos.

Tips and Tools to Identify Hot Niche Markets, Uncover Traffic Sources, Validate Product Ideas, and
Gather Competitive Intelligence.


join-the-uprisingAvoid cookie cutter websites.

Developing a product?  Analyze the top five competitors and determine how you can create a competitive advantage.

Resourse List:

Keyword Research:

Google Keyword Tool (free, and awesome.  Google it to find it.)

Wordtracker.com (7 day free trial)

SpyFu.com – PPC competitive intelligence tool

Data Aggregators:

Alexa.com – Site rankings


Affiliate Networks:

Clickbank – Awesome Affiliate Marketplace for Digital Products

Commission Junction – Large Affiliate Network

Share a Sale

CPA Advertising Networks (Cost per action)

Note: Look for high EPC (Earnings per click)



Video#2 – Tips and Tools for Designing and Developing your Sales Platform (AKA Your Website) for Non-Techies on a Budget!

A great point that is made off of the hop in this video is that a site needs to be more than just a sales letter.  A robust site that attracts traffic organically should include a squeeze page, a blog, ans should build your email list from every page on your site.

The Headline is the most important element of a landing page, remember to answer the question the visitor will be asking “What’s in it for me?”

Make sure your site has some Unique Valueable Content to prove your worth to your potential customers!

Resource List:

Aweber.com – Email Marketing

Paypal.com – Payment procesing

Animoto – Easy to make fancy slide show videos set to music

WordPress.org (Self-Hosted WordPress)

Hosting (Derek recommends HostGator)

Lynda.com – Software training (For WordPress + many others)

WordPress Plugins & Themes






crowdspring.com (I recommend 99designs.com)

fiverr.com – Five dollar services!  Check out this article I wrote about fiverr.

Video #3 – The ABC’s of Traffic Generation: Learn What It
Really Takes To Get Targeted, Profitable Traffic To Your Website

Getting traffic takes work!

Focus on quality not quantity.

PPC campaigns will not always be profitable at first.  Certain keywords will get clicks and make money.  Stick with these and drop the poor performers.

Split test the ads you keep to improve your conversion more.

Resource List:

PPC Platforms

Google Adwords

Facebook Advertising

Newsletter & Ezine Advertising

  • Cold lists are tough to convert
  • Relevant newsletters can be great for conversions
  • Find respectable publications
Banner Advertising
  • Be aware of Banner Blindness
  • Create banners that don’t look like banners


SEO takes time.

Great content naturally creates backlinks

Write regularily on your Blog

Syndicate articles to article directories

Content syndication

Build Web 2.0 Sites like Squidoo and Hubpages

1. On site optimization

2. Fresh Content

3. MOST IMPORTANT: Backlinks

Videos help pages get backlinks and rank in Google

Video #4 – Conversion Strategies to Maximize your Profit

Everything is measurable with Internet Marketing, so you should never have to guess.

These 3 Metrics are the most important for maximizing profit:

  1. Convert more visitors to leads or buyer
  2. Increase average order value
  3. Increase customer lifetime value

Headlines are the most important element of a sales page.  Always split test them.

3 Things to test in a sales letter.

  1. Product Name
  2. First Paragraph
  3. Price

Check out abtests.com for a great selection of split tests that have been done, and the results they achieved.

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