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Recently I met with Trevor Mills, who is the founder and CEO of an app development company called Top Quark. Over a hot cup of Tim Horton’s coffee I got a live demo of the awesome iPhone app/wordpress plugin solution TopQuark has to offer.

Top Quark is a web app with wordpress integration that has the feel of a high quality iPhone app straight from the iTunes app store.  An awesome thing that makes a TopQuark app stand apart from the crowd is the fact that it can be accessed from an iPhone, iPad, Android mobile device, or even from Google Chrome on your PC.

Trevor has designed TopQuark with conferences in mind and I took a few minutes to research the competition and could find nothing that even comes close in terms of design and functionality.

In the future I plan to host a conference so that I can bring together the brightest minds in social media and digital marketing and when I do I am going to use the Top Quark conference app to make the mobile experience of the conference very cool.

I have been to several digital marketing and search engine conferences in downtown Toronto and California and although the tickets to these events have costed as much as a few thousand dollars each I have not been to one which had an official app.  I wish more conferences had apps like TopQuark to make the experience more fluid and less of a pain in the ass.


After checking out the demos of Top Quark’s awesome mobile conference app I have a feeling that more and more conferences are going to start to put this technology to good use.

I imagine going to an event that had an app like TopQuark and feeling much more connected to the event, since I would be better informed about the different events going on so I could make the best decision about where I should spend my time.

Conferences often have several different presentations going on at once and if one speaker is dull an app is the perfect resource for figuring out what the next best alternative is.

Powered by HTML5

A feature that I found really cool about Top Quark is that the app uses HTML5 to store the data on the actual device. That means the app will even work offline!

You can demo a live version of the Top Quark conference app for the Wordcamp Chicago conference if you are currently reading this post within an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Google Chrome.

To demo this app simple surf to:

A very cool feature about this app is how it pulls the content from WordPress posts, so all content can be managed within WordPress.

How much does this app cost? Alot less than you might think, considering the several features it comes with. Just $399.


The Top Quark app is integrated with the TopQuark WordPress plugin that allows you to create a custom web page on the fly for your next conference or festival using the same data that you used for your app!

Here’s the description of the Conference Plugin, direct from the TopQuark website:

Manage speaker and schedule information for your event. This plugin lets you use WordPress to track information about your multi-day, multi-faceted, multi-talented event, be it a conference or a festival or a tournament.

Google Maps API Integration

Another cool Top Quark app Trevor showed me is one that was created for the West Port Book Festival in Scotland.  This app featured venues at different locations within the town and using the Google Maps API it automatically dotted the Google map with alpha dots showing the names and addresses of the venues at different locations.

Despite this extra Google Maps functionality this implementation did not require extra data entry since the data for this app was pulled from an existing website.  Top Quark apps can be fed with data entered in another system and this very cool feature is one of several reasons why I think Top Quark has the best conference app solution on the market.

Check out the Top Quark wordpress conference plugin page for more information!


Trevor is a heck of a developer and TopQuark is awesome so I recommend you check out the Top Quark and contact Trevor if you are interested in implementing a Top Quark plugin.

If you want your conference or event to be cutting edge use TopQuark and your conference will stand apart from the crowd.


Have you ever been to a conference that had it’s own app?  In the past the main mobile app that I have used at different conferences has been Twitter.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Make Your Event Awesome With The TopQuark Conference App

  1. Paul November 2, 2011 at 12:12 pm #

    If you check out they also have a mobile app that ties in to individual conferences (they just announced it this week).  I’m previewing their demo right now. This sounds like another interesting option. Typically, I see twitter use at the conferences as well, but nowhere to access the constantly changing agenda. To be able to make changes to scheduling on the fly is definitely worth it.

  2. Selena November 4, 2011 at 7:53 pm #

    The TopQuark mobile app works offline once downloaded, and includes a favourites button which one can adjust and update at will, making access to constantly changing agendas seamless. Speaking of twitter use…it also features an awesome tweet button featuring all tags and hashtags of an event/conference – keeping things fun, current and informative!

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