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Hard Work Beats Talent

Hard work beats talent. Talent without taking action to produce has no use. Very successful people are almost always great producers. The more you produce the more chances for success you give yourself. The more often you exercise the fitter you will be. The intensity of your exercise is also a factor in your success. […]

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How to Develop a Winning Edge

Recently I listened to a Copyblogger podcast with Seth Godin and Brian Clark and I was once again amazed to be reminded of the successes Godin has achieved with first his company which he sold to Yahoo, next his founding of Squidoo, and his daily publishing of his marketing blog, which is the #1 marketing blog […]

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Don’t Save Your Greatness for the Grave

Don’t save your greatness for the grave. Halloween is right around the corner and is even on a Friday this year, so I brought “Grim Jordan” into the picture. :) Not coincidentally the grim reaper is slam dunking a basketball into a net… And I just launched a brand new .net domain. The domain is […]

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Believe in Yourself

Last night I went for a run in the rain and it was an amazing experience: I felt enlightened. Life is such an amazing gift and I don’t want to waste a single day of it.  I hope you realize life’s brevity and seize every day as well! Steve Jobs is an inspiration to me. […]

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