Punch Today in the FACE

Step up and take action to make improvements in your life.

Ignore people who try and suck your valuable time away from you.

Remember the importance of your time: time is your most valuable asset.

You can always get more money but no amount of money can buy more time.

Staying in good health is so important to using your time well.

Time is wasted if you are too ill to focus or get out of bed.

So stay healthy by staying active and being smart about what you eat.

Drink plenty of water and exercise every day when possible.

Exercising is a great way to stay hydrated since it makes you thirsty.  I usually drink several bottles of water during a good workout.

I find that cardio exercises like running help me sharpen my mind and keep me alert by booting my metabolism.  All exercise gives me this boost in mental vigour to some extent.

My phone is often on silent during the day so that I can focus without interruption on whatever I am working on.

You too can take charge of your day.

You can do it.  Smart actions are the key.  Punch Today in the FACE.


Punch Today in the FACE

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