The Top Twitter Tools

The Top Twitter Tools: I founded the as a blog to share useful information about Twitter, and in the process I am nearing the completion of a book about Twitter and Twitter Tools. My goal for the Twitter Tools Book was to write a 140 page book about awesome Twitter Apps. I recently edited […]

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25 Blog Profits Tips I learned from Yaro Starak

I have listened to YaroStarak’s Blog Profits Blueprint Mp3 twice now, read the accompanying .pdf, and made notes. Yaro is the owner of the blog Entrepreneurs-Journey, and the Entrepreneur behind, and Yaro is currently making well over $100,000 a year from his websites. In the Blog Profits Blueprints Yaro makes clear many blogging […]

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The Truth about Unfollowing on Twitter

Twitter processes over 50,000,000 tweets a day. Several tools enable tweet automation of tweets, following, and unfollowing.. Hootsuite (@hootsuite), TwitterFeed (@twfeed), @Feedburner, and RSS to Twitter are just four examples of popular tools that can automate tweeting. Automatic tweeting is not the only feature of Twitter that tools have automated.  The robust @TwitterAPI has also […]

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