The Truth about Unfollowing on Twitter

Twitter processes over 50,000,000 tweets a day. Several tools enable tweet automation of tweets, following, and unfollowing.. Hootsuite (@hootsuite), TwitterFeed (@twfeed), @Feedburner, and RSS to Twitter are just four examples of popular tools that can automate tweeting. Automatic tweeting is not the only feature of Twitter that tools have automated.  The robust @TwitterAPI has also […]

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Why my Web Host is Awesome

@Godaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar, probably due to two main reasons: great customer service, and low prices. You probably know about GoDaddy already. The GoDaddy advertising style is based around hot GoDaddy girls. The ads are not what got my business but I’m not complaining either. I have had to call GoDaddy various […]

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