Keep It 100


“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” ~Marcus Aurelius

I’m writing this from a stair master at LA Fitness.

It seems to me the key to happiness is to find fun things to do that also help improve you.

I’m writing this from a stair master at my gym.

It’s my fifth time here this week…

And even though I don’t always love the hard cardio…

I do love the way the gym makes me feel.

Exercise always puts me in a great mood. :)

Some people say fitness is 60% exercise and 40% nutrition…

Some say it’s 70% nutrition and 30% exercise…

I say it’s 100% nutrition, 100% exercise.

Every time I show up I give it everything I’ve got…

And (even though I ate a fudge brownie this morning) I do my best with nutrition too.

Keep it 100!

Always strive to do your best and take your success to the next level.

Successful marketing works the same way.

Don’t hope for results: Take action to get them.

Choose an offer to promote and then focus on sending as much traffic to it as possible.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to find your first offer to promote.

Go to and search the marketplace for an offer that resonates with you.  Ideally with a gravity of 100 or more.

Clickbank has been sending me checks in the mail for years.

Got a check from clickbank yesterday actually and getting money in the mail always puts a smile on my face.

Sign up for a trial of the Marketing Income Lab and I’ll make it my goal to help you make far more money than the cost of membership with affiliate marketing.

Here’s the link:


Don’t just think about it, be about it.

Take action and make your dreams happen.

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