5 Reason Why Hitting The Gym is Better Than P90X

Last year I did P90X on a regular basis but for the past several months I have been hitting the gym instead and my results have been crushing my P90X results.

I was happy with P90X but ever since I started to hit the gym on a regular basis my muscles have been getting bigger all the time and I have less bodyfat than ever.

Beyond P90X

P90X is great if you are into jumping around into your living room but the fact remains that if you want to achieve real fast and fantastic fitness results you should to get a membership at the gym closest to you.

1. The gym offers a greater varitey of exercises.

P90X is lacking in how it is mostly body weight exercises.

After making great gains in strength and endurance during the past several months I doubt if I will ever commit to P90x again.

By hitting the gym, instead of doing P90X, you open your body up to a selection of machines, a limitless amount of exercises, and fitness experts with plenty of useful information.

2. Hitting the gym is social.

Hitting the gym is a social activity, so it has that advantage over P90X.

If you see someone who looks especially fit at the gym you can ask them what the secret is to their fitness success. People ask me for advice at the gym all the time, and I like helping people get on the right track with their fitness.

3. The gym can be competitive.

At the rec center where I go to the gym there is a Life Fitness Fitlinxx system installed.  The more exercises I do, the more points I earn.  Every so often a new leaderboard is posted.  Right now I have the fourth or fifth place, because I forgot to log the points I achieve some days.

I have been #1 before in my age group, and my goal is to achieve the #1 spot for most earned points among all members.

4. People at the gym will motivate you.

When I hit the treadmill if the person beside my is running fast I will step my pace up faster.  Find someone who has a fast pace and then run beside them and see if you can manage a faster pace.


If you’ve ever taken a spinning class with a drill sargeant spin instructor you know what I’m talking about.

5. Cardio is better at the gym.

Cardiovascular activity like running and stair masters are a great way to have an effective and fun workout.  Hitting cardio hard will cause your body to produce more endorphins, and these will make you happy and help you have a good time.  Remembering these good feelings is a great way to remain encouraged to exercise on a regular basis.

When I am at the gym the fact that there are other people encourages me to excel.  I just can’t get that same surge of motivation from P90X.

If I hit the gym with a girl we usually focus on cardio.  Cardio that causes sweating is the best way to burn calories and cleanse our skin from the inside out.

Working out with friends is a great way to stay motivated.

Motivation is contagious.

Pushing your limits is how you improve.  It’s amazing how much stronger you can get when you have a workout partner to help you push your limit and hammer out a few more reps.

Lifting weights gives me a better pump than P90X ever did.

The Kempo Karate, Plyometrics, and Core Synergistic of P90X simply cannot compare to the ton of calories that you burned when you do a leg press of 400+ pounds 10 times.

I do still think that Ab Ripper X is the greatest abs workout of all time. :)

Fitness Talk

Do you go to the gym?

Are you a runner?

What do you focus on when you exercise?

Let us know in the comments below.

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