Hard Work Beats Talent


Hard work beats talent.

Talent without taking action to produce has no use.

Very successful people are almost always great producers.

The more you produce the more chances for success you give yourself.

The more often you exercise the fitter you will be.

The intensity of your exercise is also a factor in your success.

An hour of exercise is only four percent of your day.

If you hit the gym for at least an hour and get right down to business you can get amazing results!

Power through set after set with only 30 – 60 seconds of rest in between and you will get far better results than the person who is athletically talented but takes long breaks between their sets and never really gives it their all.

I have benefited immensely from the habit of exercising every day.

If you make it a priority to exercise daily this habit will serve you well.

Exercise even on the weekends and have a strong end to your week instead of a weak end.

Any day I exercise is a day when I am getting stronger both in my business and with my health.

Cultivate the ability to produce and your success with fitness will also help you in your professional life.

The vast majority of people who are professionally successful are also physically fit.

Staying fit gives you the energy you need to conquer challenges in business and in your business life.

Hard work cultivates talent. Even the most naturally talented athlete would never turn pro without tons of hard work gaining skill at their sport.

Work hard and produce and you will always come out ahead of the very talented people who lack the motivation and work ethic to get anything done.

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