Good for Your Health

team-livestrong-219x221Got to love the clarity of mind that comes from a solid workout.

I threw the following aphorism together in my head on my way back from the gym after a good two and a half hours of hitting the weights hard.

Be honest with yourself,

Even though the truth hurts,

It is good for your health.

Pain leads to strength.

From the truth don’t hide,

The pain will subside,

Happiness will override.

Sometimes doing what is best for your health is no fun.  But in the long run you’ll be so much better for it. Take care of your health and not only will you add more years to your life, you’ll also add more life to your years.

Yesterday I recorded a new presentation for my 60 Day 6 Pack training program, check it out if you are ready to start making smart improvements to your fitness and diet that can lead to huge improvements in your health and waist line within the next 60 days.

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