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Believe in Yourself

Last night I went for a run in the rain and it was an amazing experience: I felt enlightened. Life is such an amazing gift and I don’t want to waste a single day of it.  I hope you realize life’s brevity and seize every day as well! Steve Jobs is an inspiration to me. […]

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Epic Social Media Success

“Every master was once a beginner.  Every pro was once an amateur.” ~Robin Sharma You might not be a social media master yet… But every epic success started from humble beginnings. What matters is having the courage to think big and the strength of mind to know that there is no limit on the epic […]

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Punch Today in the FACE

Step up and take action to make improvements in your life. Ignore people who try and suck your valuable time away from you. Remember the importance of your time: time is your most valuable asset. You can always get more money but no amount of money can buy more time. (more…)

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