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The past week has been an eventful one to say the least.  Most of it I spent in Tampa Bay Florida for the IBM Amplify conference surrounded by some of IBM’s finest, and a great PureMatter team, as part of a cool crew of Futurists.

Last Thursday I flew back to Toronto, it was my birthday Friday, and now I’m writing this blog post from an executive suite just north of the six.

I’ve been racking up a fun collection of hotel pens and shampoos to say the least. :)

Here’s the best new marketing knowledge I’ve gained:

1. Optimize Your Customer Experience

Wherever you find a successful company the odds are you will also find an exceptional customer experience.

When the experience of buying and benefiting from your product or service is excellent your customers become brand ambassadors and will tell their friends.

When your customers tell their friends about your business you will gain a level of trust that is far from cheap to match with paid media.

On top of that when you create an awesome customer experience you create customers for life.

I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention that IBM and PureMatter put together an amazing experience at this years IBM Amplify.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!

An awesome part of the Amplify experience was the Elle King concert.  She can really sing!  And she can play the banjo.


Whenever you can integrate awesome live music into an event it’s sure to be a highly shareable marketing success so live tunes are a strategy I certainly recommend.

2. Virtual Reality is a Game Changer

For the first time ever at IBM Amplify I experienced virtual reality.

VR was by far the highlight of Amplify for me.

Virtual reality instantly takes you to a brand new place and it’s a technology that is well on it’s way to being widely embraced.

VR will disrupt tourism, retail, and many other industries.

Similar to how Uber has disrupted many taxi companies, I expect that VR will disrupt many experience based industries.

3. Real Life Trumps Online Networking

During Amplify I had a chance to break bread with several awesome people.

Tamara took the pic below and I am at the right of the table to the left.

Another dinner I really enjoyed was on my first night in Tampa at a place called Jackson’s Bistro.

The food was very good and if you get a chance to eat there I think you should.

My main point here is that the strongest connections are often those that come from getting to know people face to face.

The founder of Digital Marketer Ryan Deiss has said his best marketing spend is on taking his team out for dinner and I can see why because few things can bring people together like sharing a meal together.

4. 360 Cameras Are Awesome

YouTube and Facebook now support 360 cameras and they have hit a price point that makes them affordable.

A couple of IBM futurists had 360 cameras with them at Amplify so I got a chance to see first hand what they are like and they are pretty damn cool…


A restaurant we went to one night in Tampa (that I highly recommend) is called Columbia Restaurant.

After some awesome dancing while we waited for our meal, then a delicious steak dinner, a fellow Futurist demoed her 360 camera by putting it on record in the middle of the dinner table…

Naturally everyone at the table had to bust out some dance moves. :)

Then we watched the footage after via the view finder on her phone and it was pretty awesome to re-experience the dance session in 360.

5. Tweetchats Are Powerful (Just Make Sure the Wi-Fi is Strong)

During IBM Amplify I participated in two live Tweetchats, both hosted by my friend Tamara McLeary.

The first chat was a solid success.

Here’s one of my tweets from it:

I was even interviewed on Facebook live during the event which I thought was a lot of fun.

The second Tweet chat session had the potential to be just as cool…but the wi-fi came up short.

The wi-fi was brutally glitchy and despite paying roaming fees for data my mobile data connection was no better.

So I got out a few answers out and hardly on time but here’s my favorite one in response to the question “What does marketing look like in 2025?”

6. Easy to Use Tools Rule

There was one awesome station at Amplify that had a series of Watson powered easy to use IBM tools that gave robust results from some simple inputs.

For example you could put in your Twitter username and Watson would give you a complete analysis of your personality profile based on your tweets and other content related to you from the web.

Here’s what my personality graph looked like:


There are many aspects of this personality graph I disagree with, however there is some truth to it as well.

Perhaps if I made every thought and event in my life public it would analyze me more accurately however my main focus is more towards experiencing my life to the fullest than it is broadcasting my every moment and thought.

Another cool Watson app showed you which celebrity you are most similar to, based on your tweets.

Surprisingly enough my #1 celebrity match was George Lopez with a 93% similarity…

And my #2 was Donald Trump who I matched with 92%.

Watson if Trump saw that he’d probably say “You’re fired!” :)

Many people at Amplify shared the results the Watson tool gave them.  Not only can tools be a great way to generate engagement they can be a powerful way to generate leads as well.

Create a tool like Grader.com for your niche and it can send you a torrent of traffic and leads that you can use to create new customers.

7. Quit While You’re Ahead

On my last night in Tampa the Futurist, IBM social, and PureMatter crew went to a Karaoke bar in downtown Tampa for a fun Karaoke night.


The karaoke bar we went to was one of a kind…it had a dog roaming around and we ordered up a massive boot of beer aptly named Das Boot.

I decided to get up on stage as soon as possible and I rocked the classic Oasis tune Wonderwall to get the party started.

For song #2 I helped throw down the song Shoop with one of IBM’s social media superstars, @jillianricci. Naturally I had to remix the “Shoop a doop a doop” into “Boot das boot das boot” lol.


And here’s where the quit while you’re ahead tip comes into play…

Because I decided to drink the rest of Das Boot when I definitely should have drank water instead.

Haha fun times nonetheless. In terms of conferences Amplify was one the best. :)

Cool Content From IBM

As the Amplify conference came to an end Above the Clutter released their final CMO interview with the SVP of Marketing for IBM, Jon Iwata.

In the video IBM: Man AND Machine they discuss the history of IBM and share several fun facts from how IBM invented the bar-code, to how they used to produce cheese slicers, and more!

Check this final Above the Clutter video out and have a look at some of the six other cool videos in the series as well.

Here are a Few of My Favorite Tweets From Amplify


How do you amplify your Marketing? If you went to IBM Amplify what was your #1 takeaway?

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